In The Joy of Me, Dr. Shaelyn Pham sheds light on the false beliefs that lead to suffering within yourself, feelings of brokenness, and resentment in your relationships.Using psychology and spirituality, with insightful stories, this book will show you

  • How to let go of guilt and shame
  • The expectations and pressure you have put on yourself
  • The false identity you have taken on
  • The true measure of your worth
  • The unconditional love you can give and receive
  • How to have a resentment-free life.
This book will reveal how you can be happier with yourself and be more satisfied in your relationships. You can be selfish and have people love you for it!   Are you ready for the end of do do do and give give give? .

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Meet the Author

Dr. Shaelyn Pham, is a licensed psychologist, author, speaker, and coach. She is currently leading a busy private practice as the principal and founder of Psychological Services & Holistic Health, Inc., where she enjoys helping clients find love and success in all areas of their lives. Dr. Shaelyn Pham has been a practicing psychologist for over a decade and has helped 1,000 of people. Her favorite leisure activities include reading, cooking, traveling, hosting dinner parties, learning archery, having BBQs on nice sunny days in Los Angeles and playing the guitar.   Shaelyn Pham, Ph.D..